About our Event

Salute to "Hot Ones"


We won't beat around the bush here, we LOVE "Hot Ones" its an awesome Youtube show. We designed our event as an homage to the show. We carefully picked 10 sauces from 44 that the show had used. We chose some "friendlier" ones (that don the tables at your favorite greasy spoons), some "moderate" ones to wake a few of the challengers up, and a few “burn your face off” type sauces. If you haven't seen "Hot Ones" yet, follow this link. Remember to like and subscribe. 

Hot Ones

Last year's event


The question: "Could the contestants handle 10 progressively hotter sauces?" By wing number 5 (Pain 100%) we knew our event was going exactly as planned.  As contestants were running away from the tables for their beer or milk, anything to dull the PAIN, everyones mouth was on fire! This was the experience they all came for. Spectators thoroughly enjoyed seeing contestants succumb to the heat. When the smoke cleared and the rubble settled, we were surprisingly left with 5 champions!




We decided to donate to the Park Ridge Community Fund this year. We believe donating to this local organization helps many charities and the community in which the event occurs. As we plan for our future events we don’t want to be set on one specific charity, we would like to consider a different charity to donate to every year. We appreciate suggestions, so tell us what’s important to you. 

Charity Link

2019's event


We can not be more excited for this year's event, the interest we received in just a couple days was incredible. Our social media and email is buzzing with people looking to know more! We can't wait to put on the best event and raise some money for charity! 




We would love for your company to sponsor our event.  If you could help us with the costs if any business would like to donate to our charity of choice we would greatly appreciate that.


About The Creators

Andrew Sullivan


As the runt of the litter, Andrew was there to provide a different level of intellect. When it came to tough decisions or just making sure the other two weren't letting their imaginations run wild, Andrew offered a different perspective and maybe even a better way to do some things.

Kevin Thomas


Kevin brought a whole different level of crazy to the table when creating this event. When it came time, Kevin got the wheels moving and helped create an amazing event. Kevin was ready to go and brought this event beyond many levels of expectations.


Sean Sullivan


As the original mastermind behind this, Sean came up with the elaborate ideas. Sean wanted to bring people together and make them feel like their faces were on fire. By bringing his expertise from the numerous food shows he has watched, Sean was able to create an event that would leave you and your organs asking you why you were doing this to them.

Let's not forget how big of a game Sean was talking beforehand and then he puked on #5.