About Our Inaugural Event

List of Competitors

  1. Kaytie Arnett
  2. Jon Beyer
  3. Ryan Bishoff
  4. Frank "Greasetank" Colletti
  5. Brendan Dodt
  6. Devin Dodt
  7. Tim Dombai
  8. Andrew Filpi
  9. Sam Filpi
  10. Christopher Gioe
  11. Christine Hansen
  12. Dwight Harris
  13. Derek Hoots
  14. Jason Kacprowski
  15. Rick Loera
  16. Steve "I Make Fancy Shoes" Madden
  17. Anthony Raimondi
  18. Matt Spiewak
  19. Andrew Sullivan
  20. Sean Sullivan 
  21. Kevin Thomas                                


Wings #1-4

No  Contestants dropped out 

Wing #5 Pain 100%

8 Contestants dropped out: 

Andrew Filpi

Kaytie Arnett

Jon Beyer

Andrew Sullivan

Ryan Bishoff 

Matt Spiewak 

Sean Sullivan (puked)

Steve Madden

Wing #6

No Contestants dropped out

Wing #7 Dave's Gourmet Temporary Insanity Sauce

1 Contestant dropped out: 

Jason Kacprowski (did not attempt)

Wing #8 Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce

3 Contestants dropped out:

Derek Hoots

Sam Filpi 

Tony Raimondi

Wing #9 Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

3 Contestants dropped out:

Brendan Dodt 

Frank Colletti 

Dwight Harris

Wing #10 Blair's Mega Death Sauce With Liquid Rage

1 Contestant dropped out:

Devin Dodt


Chris Gioe

Christine Hansen

Tim Dombai

Kevin Thomas

Rick Loera

2018 Charity

Park Ridge Community Fund

"Since 1958, PRCF has been the easiest way to help neighbors of all ages
and with a wide array of critical needs, right here at home. 
PRCF is here to assess the needs of our community,
and then raise and allocate funds to help meet those needs. 

Volunteers - who live or work in Park Ridge - control all aspects of PRCF's activities.

With one convenient gift to PRCF, you help
nearly two dozen service organizations and care providers
make life better, neighbor to neighbor."