Hall Of Fame

2018 Champions

Tim Dombai


Don't let the sunglasses and red lips distract you from the fact that Tim Dombai finished his last wing like a champ. The Mega death sauce didn't have anything on him.

Christopher Gioe


With the stone cold glare of determination, Christopher Gioe cruised through this event without even breaking a sweat. 

Christine Hansen


As a walk-on competitor, Chris Hansen was seen as just another person ready to feel the heat. As a bit of a surprise Chris took the chicken by the wings and flew to victory.

Rick Loera


As a former University of Iowa wrestler, Rick Loera knows pain. Throughout this competition, Rick didn't look like he was even fazed by the intense heat of the chicken wings.

Kevin Thomas


As a creator, Kevin Thomas promised a lot of people that he would finish no matter what. As a spectator, you could see the focus in his eyes.